Our company consists of a group of university graduates who all have done graduate studies in highly prestigious Canadian universities and are passionate to help students throughout their course work. They have either successfully passed the courses that are provided on the website or they have marked exams for the respective course. They know the course inside out and would like to make you have that understanding as well via pseudo-homework sample questions.
We all have had those moments that we are busy with a lot of courses in the university and all of a sudden we see that boom, my homework is due tomorrow and I have done nothing nor I know the material yet! The first thing straight-a-hw will tell you is "do not panic! we are here to help". Based on our experience, It may take up to 10 hours to go through your notes and understand the material you did not fully grasp in class (because you missed the class or the material was so extensive or the class pace was so high or etc) and do the homework. It would have been awesome if a short video goes over the sample questions with detailed and step-by-step solution similar to your homework, Isn't it? Because this way A) the video is not giving you a fish, but teaching you how to fish. B) the video gives you the courage and confidence of tackling your homework. even if it is a slight change of numbers it might look like a small step, but in fact it is a huge jump. C) It will not only be useful for your homeworks to get full mark and secure part of your final mark, but also will be a good study material for your final exam as well. D) the video saves you a lot of time that you can spend on other courses.

Straight-a-hw videos do them all. The questions are designed based on last years' exams, webworks, homeworks, and instructor notes. The detailed solutions are just what you need to slap the homework in the face within a couple of hours. The step-by-step nature of the solutions will make it stick to your mind. And finally, since you have replicated them at least once [to hand in your homework] it builds up the confidence you need to tackle new problems you face.

Our Mission
We genuinely want your success and that's why we came up with this study tool. Hope you enjoy it and recommend it to your friends as well.